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Bharat Industries A leading manufacturing unit in India, Basically engaged in manufacturing Kitchen Knives, Professional Knife Series (Cleaver-Chopper), Kitchen Cutlery, Dining Cutlery & Kitchen Gadgets with various utility of International Standard.

Backed by years (Since 1963) of experience in similar production field, Company directors have established B.I.MINA, brand image and achieved stand amongst leading manufacturers in India. From original designs to the final manufacturing, all process are completely finished in our instruction & Observation.

We are the leading Manufacturer with innovative Kitchen Appliances like; mastery of this innovative concept, B.I.MINA is the Superior innovation

Also with mastery of edge in Knife Blade, made by a Special Technique for smooth & fast cutting with use of SURGICAL STAINLESS STEEL. B.I.MINA has perfected the ancient art with its exclusive technology and modern machinery.

We continously introduce new designs to our line of competitive priced products with absolute precision of deliver on demand of Quality, Utility, Safety, & Comfort.

With years of experience of refining the taste and skill of quality, B.I.MINA’S R&D and disciplined quality control team have been creating Class products fit for kitchen appliances.

Our commitment to customers satisfaction is manifested in our company philosophy. We have Developed a rewarding reputation with product that gives far more value for price you spent.

  • Engineered to high standards
  • Assured high quality and dependability
  • Tested under extreme conditions
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